The Chengdu Economic Daily recently reported from the opening of the Western China Import Exhibition, Chengdu and we summarise the major points with added commentary. .

“Yesterday at the Western China Import Exhibition, twenty two major projects totaling RMB 22.826 billion ($USD 3.71 billion) were signed between various participants. Eight projects within the manufacturing center (RMB 7.596 billion), thirteen projects within the service sector (RMB 14.71 billion) and one project within the agriculture sector (RMB 0.52 billion).”

The projects included, the first new energy automotive manufacturing plant, an international cross-border ecommerce store, and a technology research and development centre.


The Shanghai Tongjie Technology Co. Ltd is developing a new energy automotive manufacturing plant which will be located within the Chengdu energy conservation and environmental protection base. The plant will cover an area of 200,00 square metres and costing approximately RMB 3 Billion. Construction of the manufacturing plant will commence in November 2015 and it is envisaged the first new energy vehicle, ranging in prices from RMB 300,000 to 500,000, will be coming off the production lines by 2017.  

Second, the Shenzhen Tengbang International Business Service Co. Ltd will be developing a flagship international cross-border ecommerce experience store (1600 square meters) in Qingyang District to foster cross border trade. 

The Qimingxing Information Technology Co. Ltd, will be launching a research and development centre (RMB 0.5 Billion), within Chengdu, focusing on internet safety and software (accounting and training).

Investinchengdu.com sincerely congratulates, the Shanghai Tongjie Technology Co. Ltd, the Shenzhen Tengbang International Business Service Co. Ltd and Qimingxing Information Technology Co. Ltd on their investments in Chengdu.

These projects will be very beneficial in generating employment and trade, but more importantly in developing Chengdu’s research and development and innovation capabilities.

New energy vehicles have taken China by storm and there is a concerted effort by its institutions, through financial incentives and rebates for enterprises and individuals to seriously consider their utilization. At the recent 2016 CAPEX Automotive Exhibition at the New Century Exhibition Centre, there was a section dedicated to new energy vehicles inclusive of passenger, utilities and buses.

Cross border ecommerce stores have become the ‘online vogue’ these days in encouraging local manufacturers and producers in broadening their marketing reach. These local enterprises have becoming very tech savvy, learning the e commerce ropes and reinventing their business models. Furthermore with the continue development of the OBOR initiatives, they within two to three years will be very well positioned to capitalise on its market and sales reach.

Chengdu’s research and development capabilities has been very well known to investnchengdu.com founders and many Fortune 500 companies have been tapping into Chengdu’s extraordinary STEM talent pool. Chengdu is Chinas 4th largest technology epicenter and the Hi Tech Zone and Tianfu Software Park a hub of innovation and technology activities. We can wholeheartedly understand that all three enterprises have selected Chengdu as their base for these projects considering its innovation and technology capabilities.

Information source:

The Chengdu Economic Daily, 23/10/2015

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Disclaimer: The above article has been sumamrised from The Chengdu Economic Daily, and added commentary provided.