On the 25th January 2016 the http://www.cet.com.cn/ news website published an article regarding Chengdu’s convention and exhibition industry and we summarise the major points as follows.

“The Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Exhibitions stated, “In 2015 Chengdu hosted nearly five hundred significant conventions, events and exhibitions, attracting over 95 million attendees, generating direct revenue of RMB 7.46 Billion, an increase of 7.4% and indirect revenue of RMB 165 Billion. Furthermore 1,674 investment projects were agreed to with planned investments totalling RMB 926 Billion.”

“The 500 events included195 exhibitions, 104 major conferences and forums, and 191 festival and sports events. Additionally, 93 of these events had an international focus such as the 10th EU-China Business and Technology Cooperation Fair, where 800 meetings were organised and 120 intentions to co-operate were agreed to.”

“The events covered industries such as automotive, aviation, bio-medical, finance, information security, tourism to name a few. In 2015 Chengdu hosted the 18th International Motor Show, the 13th China International Software Conference, and the 50th National Special Drugs Commodities Fair, 92nd Food and Drinks Fair, and the 2015 Airport Cities (Asia Pacific) Conference”.

“Chengdu has also been awarded the 2014 – 2015 Annual China Famous Exhibition City, 2014 Top Ten academic activities destination and the Best Expo City Management Award.”

“In 2016 Chengdu will also host the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting, the first Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair, the 16th Western China International Fair, and the 22nd World Route Development Forum.”

“Although Chengdu has achieved considerable success, there are various challenges in improving Chengdu’s convention and exhibition capabilities such as the lack of venues and facilities, lack of Chengdu’s brand awareness, and major competitive pressures from other cities.”

“Nevertheless Chengdu will improve its convention and exhibition offerings, and make it more receptive to business and exhibitors needs.”

“We will also co-operate with international exhibition companies such as UBM and Tarsus Hope Exhibition, and Reed Exhibitions to further develop Chengdu’s convention and exhibition capabilities”, article end.

The second link  from the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government also states “that the Government it is in the process of building a new convention and exhibition centre called ‘China’s Western International Expo City’ in the Tianfu New area and will cover an area of 840,000 square metres. The project will cost RMB 10 Billion and when completed  it will become Western and Middle China’s largest convention and exhibition centre”, article end.

The third link  states “The Western International Expo City will also greatly help in developing the Tianfu New Area and driving economic development of this newly created business and investment zone.  The convention and exhibition building will also be easily accessible with railway one line arriving on its door steps”, article end.

Indeed the constructions of the Western International Expo City signifies the large scale constructions being undertaken within Chengdu and Sichuan. These South Chengdu areas only five year ago were farm land and very soon will house Chengdu’s second international airport, and the developing Science City.

We also note the G20 Finance Ministers Meeting will be taking place in Chengdu very soon and again reinforces Chengdu’s pivotal place with the Western China business and investment landscape.

Investinchengdu.com agrees that the development of the Western International Expo City will significantly improve Chengdu’s convention and exhibition capabilities and allow it to host a wide variety of events simultaneously and work with the burgeoning attendee numbers.

Indeed conventions and exhibitions greatly help in developing the profile of a city and province, it’s attendees in developing professional contacts and learning about emerging industries and trends.

However, what is further essential is that these professional contacts, learning touch points and emerging trends are overtime placed into concrete business plans and into operational existence.

Too many times we hear ‘been to convention and exhibition,   nothing really happened.’ Thereby what may be also beneficial is providing very thorough assistance and encouraging ongoing communication between all stakeholders. Sometimes aspiring entrepreneurs are in the making; potential investor’s inkling to find the next unicorn, exhibitors wanting the extra insight into developing and a little co-ordination can really makes these ventures happen within Chengdu and Sichuan.


Disclaimer: This article has been summarised from the three hyperlinked sources and added commentary provided by investinchengdu.com