On the 25th January 2016, Mr. Yin Li, the then Acting Governor of the Sichuan Provincial People's Government, and as at March 2016 the Governor of the Sichuan Provincial People's Government , delivered a very comprehensive and meticulous report on its Government achievements in the 12th Five Year plan, the various challenges and the future strategic directions regarding  its socio economic future and prosperity.

The report has been  uploaded onto the Sichuan Provincial Government’s  Government website. has highlighted various significant points that may appeal to our readers, professionals, start-ups, and innovative enterprises contemplating to invest and doing business in Sichuan and Chengdu.

However, we strongly encourage our readers to read the report in its entirety to accurately and properly grasp the fundamental socio economic achievements and future drivers in sustaining and further improving the Sichuan way of life and economy.

Mr. Yin Li noted  “ In the past 5 years, Sichuan has achieved a stable performance while at the same time securing progress and leap and enhanced remarkably in economic strength. Sichuan’s GDP has been over 2 trillion yuan making Sichuan’s ranking ascent in China. Per capita GDP has risen from 21,182 yuan in 2010 to 36,636 yuan in 2015. The annual increase of total investment in fixed assets and total retail sales of consumer goods has been 13.8% and 15% respectively. The annual growth rate of local general public budgets has been as high as 16.3%.. The mileages of highway and railway have been 6,000 km and 4,600 km respectively. Chengdu-Chongqing High-Speed Railway has been completed and opened.  Total installed power capacity has been reached 86.73 million kilowatts an 80% are produced by hydropower plants. The status of the largest base for clean energy has been further consolidated” .

“The local GDP of Chengdu reached a trillion yuan. The number of cities whose GDP surpassed 100 billion yuan and counties whose GDP surpassed 10 billion yuan increased 13 and 46 respectively. Urbanization rate rose from 40.2% to 47.7%. The contribution rate of scientific and technological innovation to economic growth reached 50%. The patent ownership per ten thousand people rose 3.3 times.

“There were over 100 Sichuan enterprises enlisted in A Share, ranking No. 1 in western China provinces. The number of foreign consular institutes in Chengdu amounted to 15, making Sichuan rank No. 3 in China in terms of consular institutes. There were 78 sister cities and 85 international (regional) flight routes”.

“Domestic actual funds from other provinces accumulated to 4.1 trillion yuan, actual foreign capital 53.25 billion US dollars, overseas investment 7 billion US dollars, total export and import volume 293.3 billion US dollars. There were another 79 Fortune Global 500 Enterprises settled in Sichuan and the total number of such companies in Sichuan was 299”.

 “ The GDP of Sichuan in 2015 reached 3.01031 trillion yuan, increasing by 7.9%. Revenue in the genera public budgets grew by 7.9%. Per capita disposable income of urban residents grew by 8.1% and per capita disposable income of rural residents grew by 9.6%. Registered urban unemployment rate maintained at 4.1% and CPI increased by 1.5%”.

“ First, we spared no efforts to keep the economy growing steadily. In the face of complicated macroeconomic environments and the mounting downward domestic economic pressure. Released “4+1” combination policies to solve the difficulties in the economic development of companies, industries and the real economy. Won 653 national special construction fund projects”.

“The number of patent applications surpassed 100,000. We enhanced vigorously popular entrepreneurship and innovation, guided a large group of scientific and technological talents, college graduates, overseas talents, grassroots capable people into entrepreneurship and innovation key battlefield, and achieved early achievements in the entrepreneurship by migrant workers and returning Sichuan businessmen”.

“Fourth, we worked on accelerating the development of living standards and social programs. We completed comprehensively 10 Projects and 20 Events of Improving Living Standards, promoted precise poverty alleviation and helped 1.17 million people lift themselves out of poverty”.

“Sixth, we pushed to advance law-based government administration. We carefully implemented the plans of law-based governance, released the administrative right list and responsibility list of government, regulated administrative law enforcement discretion, promoted the online operation of 3 level administrative events in Sichuan”.


“The Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Period is the decisive stage for  Sichuan to finish building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and the crucial phrase for Sichuan to adapt to new normal of economic development and accelerate transformation development”.

“In terms of targets, we will concentrate on the achievement of “Two Leapfrog Developments”, accelerate the improvement from quantity to quality in comprehensive economic strength and competitiveness, complete the construction of Sichuan into a powerful province with enormous economic scale, optimized economic structure, strong innovation abilities, and good economic quality and benefits, and achieve the leap from a overall well-being society to a well-being society in all aspects”.

“Therefore, our specific goals and suggestions include maintaining an economic growth rate higher than national average, comprehensive improvement in people’s living standards and quality , achieving remarkable results in ecological construction and environment management”

 “In accordance with the plan, by the end of the Thirteen Five-Year Plan Period, Sichuan’s GDP will raise another one trillion yuan and amount to 4.2 trillion yuan.

“In terms of orientation, we must guide by 5 development ideas in the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Period, including innovation, coordination, green, opening up and sharing, work hard to crack the difficulties and problems blocking finishing building a moderately well-being society in all aspects timely, and find main orientations accurately”.

The Five development ideas “is the fundamental principle and the backbone of the Plan that Sichuan will follow in the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Period”.

 “The major targets for this year's provincial economic and social development are as follows: to increase local GDP by above 7%, increase social fixed-asset investment by about 10%, maintain the growth rate of total retail sales of consumer goods by about 10%, keep the increase of imports and exports higher than national average, increase local revenue in the general public budgets by about 7%, increase urban and rural incomes by around 8% and 9% respectively, ensure that the registered urban unemployment rate does not rise above 4.5%, keep the increase in the CPI at around 103, and accomplish national targets of energy conservation, emission reduction, and environmental protection”.

“We will provide better services for companies, create a more comfortable market environment and investment environment for them systems and policies, improve their investment confidence, enhance market expectations of companies”.

“We need to ensure continuity in and enlarge effective investment. We will take good advantages of the “Project Year”, well launch 631 key projects in Sichuan and 100 provincial key projects”.

“We will also comprehensively encourage people to start their own businesses and to make innovations. We will implement Sichuan Action for Entrepreneurship, make good preparations for Week for Popular Entrepreneurship and innovation. . We will vigorously develop massive entrepreneurship, crowd-outsourcing, crowd-supporting and crowd-funding, support to construct a batch of new types of incubators and accelerators such as “Incubator Plus Venture”, “Internet Plus” and so on, strive to increase incubators of all kinds in Sichuan to 600”.

“We will substantially implement Sichuan Action Plan for Made in China 2025, initiate a batch of major projects such as manufacturing innovation center construction, high-end equipment innovation research and development, intellectual manufacturing and so on, accelerate to promote the development of 5 high-end emerging industries, implement “Internet Plus Manufacturing” pilot demonstration, spare no efforts to develop cloud computing and big data industries, cultivate emerging industries such as graphene, Beidou satellite navigation, robots, biological medicines and so on, and steadfastly enhance the local machining rate of electronic information and automobile manufacturing”.

“We will integrate actively into “One Belt and One Road” strategy and the Yangtze River Economic Belt strategy. We will highlight 33 key working items of “One Belt and One Road”, promote “251 Three-Year Action Plan”, organize carefully “1000 Sichuan Companies Traveling the Silk Road”, comprehensively expand trade, cultural and tourism cooperation with countries along “One Belt and One Road”, and encourage companies to involve into the development and construction of foreign railways, hydroelectric stations, ports and so on”.

“ We will build opening cooperation platforms. We will accelerate the construction of China-Korea Innovation and Entrepreneurship Industrial Park, China-German Innovation Industrial Cooperation Platforms and China-France Chengdu Ecological Park . We will make good preparations for major investment promotion activities, such as well-known enterprises traveling in Sichuan, Western China International Fair, Western China Overseas Hi-Tech Talents Conference, China Science and Technology City International Hi-Tech Expo”.

“ We will promote green, low carbon, and recycling development. We will promote green reform on traditional manufacturing companies, enhance the industrial development if environmental protection equipment, accelerate the promotion and application of new-energy automobiles and new types of building industrial products, and speed to create national clean energy demonstration province. We will promote the comprehensive management and recycling on industrial waste gas, waste water, and litter, implement the control on the amount and strength of resources and water resources, construction lands, and explore to establish carbon emission trade center in Western China”.

“We will accelerate to gather advanced manufacturing and high-end services based on the function layout of “1 City and 6 Zones” of Tianfu New District, highlight to construct Chengdu Scientific City, Sichuan Airport Economic Zone, and Western China International Expo City. We will improve assessment on county-level economic development, build top 50 counties and construct a batch of influential counties with modern agriculture, industries, service sectors, tourism and ecology, and support qualified counties to be districts”.

“We will increase the urbanization rate of population. We will work hard to increase the urbanization rate of household population to 31.5% and urbanization rate of permanent residents to 48.9%”.

“We will vigorously develop social programs. We will promote the balanced development of compulsory education among counties, increase the number of general kindergartens, improve the education levels of high schools, implement the tuition-free policy for secondary vocational schools, implement comprehensively 15-year free education in minority regions, initiate the construction of first class of universities and disciplines, and guide some local colleges to transfer into application ones”.

“We will construct “Healthy Sichuan”, deepen 3 medical reform pilots such as grading treatment, guide more excellent medical resources to serve in grassroots regions, focus on the prevention and treatment of serious diseases, local diseases and vocational diseases, and improve the development of traditional Chinese medicine. We will comprehensively implement two-children policy”.

“We are deeply conscious that people have high expectations on government work. In 2016, we will concentrate on law-based government administration, transform our functions, improve efficiency, and strengthen the construction of law-oriented government and service-oriented government. We will bring government work into line with the rule of law and fulfil comprehensively responsibilities”.

“Fellow Deputies! “

“Sichuan is standing on a new historical starting point. Let us rally closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as General Secretary, steadfastly under the lead of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC, closely depend on all our people, work together to break new ground, work hard, and endeavor to accomplish this year’s objectives of “Two Leapfrog Developments”.

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Disclaimer : The selected sections were uploaded from the above mentioned report. We strongly encourage our readers to read the report (some 12,500 plus words) to accurately and properly grasp the fundamental socio economic achievements and future drivers in sustaining and further improving the Sichuan way of life and economy.