On Saturday the 24th of September 2016, representatives from the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government and the Cuba Biopharmaceuticals and Medicine Corporation, under the joint witnessing of Premier Li of China and President Castro of Cuba, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement for the commencement of the “China (Chengdu) – Canada – Cuba Brain Initiative.”

The agreement outlines that China (Chengdu), Canada and Cuba (CCC) will initiate the International Brain Program and develop acute research capabilities in relation to brain neurology research, the prognosis of brain diseases and developing artificial intelligence.

The brain mapping research project program also involves collaboration with Chengdu’s University of Electronic Science and Technology, who will partner with Canada’s McGill University and the Cuban Neuroscience Centre, to undertake these research and scientific initiatives .

Furthermore, within the Chengdu Science City, significant efforts will be undertaken to comprehensively develop the “Tianfu Brain Information Advanced Research Institute” and the “Sino-Cuban Neuroscience and Technology Commercialisation Advanced Research Joint Laboratory” and “Sino-Canadian Neuroimaging Advanced Research Joint Laboratory.”

The Chengdu Science City, which is being built within Chengdu’s Tianfu new area is a ground-breaking initiative of the Chengdu Municipal Government which envisages developing an innovative hub of advanced and intelligent technology, R&D, Big Data and biological medicine.

On the 25th of April 2016, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang  also visited the Chengdu Science City and reiterated its objective in becoming an innovative force in the further development of Sichuan’s and Chengdu’s innovation, research and industry capabilities.

Finally, the CCC partnership will significantly improve the core competencies of the Chengdu “Tianfu Brain Initiative Program” and also of Chengdu’s and Sichuan’s healthcare system. Currently, the West China Hospital of Sichuan University and the Fourth People’s Hospital of Chengdu are undertaking concerted research in the treatment of brain diseases and these initiatives will further improve collaboration.

At the signing ceremony in Havana Cuba, which was the only local government level agreement signed under the auspices of Premier Li and President Castro, the Chengdu Municipal Government was represented by the Executive Vice Mayor of Chengdu, Mr Zhu Zhihong, and the Cuba Biopharmaceuticals and Medicine Corporation (CBMC) was represented by Mr Carlos Gutirrez.

Furthermore, on the 14th of September 2016, Mr Edwardo Martinez, the Vice President of the CBMC visited the Chengdu Science City, where he was provided an in-depth overview of its innovation zones of its biomedical and biopharmaceutical plans and research capabilities. sincerely congratulates all the parties involved in the “China (Chengdu) – Canada – Cuba Brain Initiative,” and it is collaboration like this that will help us in better learning and developing solutions to an age old challenge of brain diseases and degeneration.

Indeed, the study and the science of the brain has created more questions than answers because until today one has never comprehensively understood the full intricacies of how the brain functions. 

In medicine we have been able to intricately understand and develop cures for various bodily functioning organs. Hopefully with this ground-breaking CCC initiative and of course with all other global initiatives in brain research, overtime we will be able to better understand the function of our brains and its degeneration, and develop artificial intelligence.

Chengdu and Sichuan are gradually becoming epicentres for biopharmaceutical and biomedical innovation. Indeed, it will be those knowledgeable and talented healthcare and biomedical professionals that venture to Chengdu who will better understand its capabilities and over the medium term develop their careers and start-ups in Chengdu, Sichuan and Western China.

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Sichuan Tianfu New Area

Disclaimer: This article was written and researched by and Chengdu ‘Dailu’  Business and Management Advisory Services Co Ltd. 成都路企管理咨有限公司