The Chengdu Economic Daily recently reported a new cultural landmark building, the ‘Chengdu City Music Hall’ will be built within Chengdu, adjacent to the Sichuan Conservatorium of Music and we summarise the main points.

“The ‘Chengdu City Music Hall’ will house an opera house (seating 1,600 patrons), a music hall (seating 1,000 patrons), and a theatre (seating 800 patrons) to cater for a myriad of cultural events. 

Furthermore, the 30,000 square metre structure will include an arts training centre and arts themed hotel to cater for the City’s growing artists and tourists.

The Chengdu Municipal Government has sought tenders, for a cutting edge and innovative cultural structure from leading global architectural firms. 

They also advocate the ‘Chengdu City Music Hall’ will play a fundamental role in cultivating Chengdu’s unique cultural character which has been in existence for over two millennia”, end article. agrees that this initiative further demonstrates Chengdu pivotal positon within Western China’s cultural landscape and the government’s zeal to improve the City’s cultural infrastructure.

Culture forms a vital part of Chengdu’s vibrant metropolitan lifestyle, showcasing its unique history and its people’s talents. Chengdu, which has a history of over 2,300 years, was a pivotal point of ancient silk roads and came into early contact with a variety of cultures and their nuances. Chengdu’s citizen adore art, dance, music and poetry to name a few and they have significantly shaped its character and existence.

The New City Music Hall will help continue these traditions into the far flung future and ensure Chengdu’s unique traditions are maintained for forthcoming generations.

The 2015 Chengdu Investment Guide further highlights, “the added value of Chengdu’s cultural industry is growing faster than the city’s whole economy and has grown into an advantageous industry.”

Indeed with the further development of China’s One Belt One Road strategy, which was launched in 2013, culture will be one of the key aspects in broadening its appeal. Culture is what we all have in common, our unique art, dance and music is what binds us together and for millennia it helped improve our interaction along the ancient Silk Road.

Chengdu along with other cities along the One Belt One Road will rekindle our spirits and love for culture and one day “we all” will be able to be perform in Chengdu’s New City Music Hall.    

Information source: The Chengdu Economic Daily, 17/10/2015 

Disclaimer: The above article has been summarized and translated from The Chengdu Economic Daily.