On 2nd March 2016, the Chengdu Daily reported about Chengdu’s plans to  develop its advanced manufacturing capabilities and industries. On the 1st March 2016, The Information Office of the Chengdu Municipal Peoples Government held a press conference where they outlined their initiatives in relation to their ‘Chengdu Manufacturing Plan 2025’ and we summarise the important points as follows.

The press officer of the ‘Chengdu Municipal Commission of The Economy and Information Technology’ explained that Chengdu’s manufacturing industry has significantly improved over many years and in particular the sub industries of automobile, electronics, food manufacturing and machinery.  However, with the rapid rise in technological advancements, manufacturing will become intensely fierce, and thereby it is essential to transform Chengdu’s manufacturing capabilities.

Accordingly the Chengdu Municipal Government has developed the ‘Chengdu Trade Plan 2025’, whereby it will encourage cluster driven innovation, eco friendly and intelligent manufacturing, service  and technological driven initiatives.  Furthermore these macro drivers will foster modern industries, the upgrading of traditional manufacturing and thereby to develop Chengdu’s status as an international production hub and metropolis.

The press officer also explained that the plan envisages three incremental stages as follows, 2015 -2017, efforts will centralise on the 1313 development strategy and leverage into its eco efficiencies, 2018 – 2020 digital and technology driven strategies,  and 2021 – 2025 ‘national leading innovation capabilities’ and thereby a strong international competiveness.

Currently manufacturing activity within the ‘Chengdu Tianfu New Area’ has increased pursuant to various national, urban and regional policies  and thereby creating unique business opportunities. These policies also aligns with the Yangtze River economic zone strategy”, article end. once more congratulates the Chengdu Municipal Government and its various departments in articulating their 2025 Chengdu Manufacturing Plans. Many external foreign jurisdictions grapple with innovation reforms and sometimes lose focus as to what is essential in upgrading a City’s and Province’s manufacturing and business capabilities.

Thereby with the announcement of the plan it significantly assists business and  industry players to better understand Chengdu’s business vision and what sub industries will play a fundamental role in transforming its manufacturing capabilities.

We have all along been advocating the industries of the bio pharmaceuticals environment, medical equipment, new materials,  new energy and semiconductors to name a few, that will stimulate innovation throughout Chengdu’s manufacturing industries. The Sichuan Provincial and Chengdu Municipal Governments have created significant incentives for knowledgeable  and talented professionals, startups and growing and innovative enterprises to make the move to Chengdu and further commercialise their ideas.

As one observer has noted  “when doing business in China be congnisant of government policies” because this is where one can receives significant  support in formulating their business plans and its implementation.

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