On the 27th October Xinhua news published a very interesting article regarding China’s “Internet & Healthcare’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference, which was held in Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone. (Xinhua). We summarise the main points and provide added commentary.  

‘The conference was organised by the Chinese Health Information Society , the Sichuan Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission and hosted by the Chengdu Hi Tech Zone and the Sichuan Health Information Association.  

‘The primary theme of the conference was ‘the integration and innovation of health information and internet health care development’. The conferences also had three secondary themes exploring ‘internet + health care 'industry development’, the ‘internet and hospital management’ and the “internet era of public health’. Furthermore there were six sub forums discussing, internet and e-hospital services, big data and precision medical care, health care cloud construction and application, the internet & diagnosis treatment processes.

‘At the signing ceremony, the Director of the Sichuan Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, Shen  Ji and the Director of the Chengdu High-tech Zone Administrative Committee, Su Peng signed a strategic cooperation agreement, regarding  "Internet + health care" and will studiously work together  to establish a Sichuan Province "Internet + health care" industrial base. The industrial base will be based at the ‘Sichuan Province Health Medical Big Data Center’ and thereby establishing a health care  service network to help with various healthcare data needs’.

‘The Sichuan Health Big Data Centre will develop a comprehensive big data demonstration and research centre , a big data monitoring  and operations center,  all within the Chengdu Hi Tech Zone. Pursuant to the Sichuan Health and Medical Big Data Center being completed, the Sichuan Provincial Health Commission and Chengdu Hi-tech Zone will also co-operate with the National Health and Family Planning Commission to seek their permission to develop a ‘National Health Medical Big Data Center’’ within Chengdu’.

‘The Chengdu High-Tech Zone is undertaking significant efforts in attracting internet + health care enterprises to develop their businesses, within the areas of medical data, medical robotics, medical intelligent equipment and  medical finance within its zones’.

‘The Chengdu High-tech Zone and the Sichuan Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission will also integrate the relevant resources of both parties, in relation to policies, talents and industries to attract and unite health care and big data professionals to promote the development of the internet + healthcare  trend. Furthermore pursuant to the Sichuan Province health medical data center being successfully developed it will effectively promote the new generation of information technology and health care in Sichuan’, said Shen Ji, Director of the Sichuan Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission

‘The Chengdu High-tech Zone will also capitalise on the ‘Internet + industry integration trend comprehensively supporting the construction of the health care big data center, leveraging into its electronic information industry and bio-industry advantages and helping the Chengdu High-Tech Zone to become China’s most influential force within the “Internet + health care"  development. Finally it aspires to make it an international innovation and entrepreneurship center’,   said Su Peng, from the Chengdu High-tech Zone, end article. congratulates the efforts of the Chinese Health Information Society ,  the Sichuan Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission and the Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone in ‘leading the way’ in China’s internet + health care development processes and standards.

Healthcare in China is a pivotal industry and provides significant social and economic benefits to its citizens. Chinese citizens today enjoy universal health care coverage / insurance (95%) and life expectancy has increased to over 76.34 years of age , 1.5 years longer than in 2010 (WHO 2015 Healthy China Report). China’s health care industry is valued at over USD $550 billion some 6% of China’s GDP and growing at over 15% annually for the last 7 years (WHO 2015 report).

However there has been a marked increase in non communicable diseases (NCD) such as  diabetes , cancer, hypertension and cardio vascular diseases which are creating many health care challenges.

Only days ago the Healthy China 2030 plan was published advocating significant improvements in the delivery and management of health care. The trend towards private hospital and specialist health care will gather more pace over the next ten years and with the onset of the internet – e health – phenomenon further health service delivery improvements will naturally occur.

Finally within Western China, where some 400 million citizens live, health care improvements will be instrumental in improving its citizen’s living standards and life expectancy. Chengdu and Sichuan are the instrumental drivers within this landscape and those overseas enterprises, professionals and startups within the biomedical, health care and medical device industries that make the mover over will reap significant socio-economic rewards over the medium term

Information source – Xinhua.

Disclaimer – The above paragraphs were summarised from the Xinhua article and we highlighted various interesting points.