Chengdu ‘Dailu’ Business and Management Advisory Services Co Ltd. (hereafter ‘Dailu’), is a Chengdu based business advisory firm.

Dailu's Business Objective

Dailu provides ‘ethical advice’, ‘professional help’ and ‘relationship management’ for talented professionals, startups and innovative enterprises, within the biomedical, healthcare and medical devices industries,  to develop their business models, careers and startups within Chengdu, Sichuan and Western China.

Ethical Advice and Professional Help

Dailu has been founded on ‘The Oriental Philosophy’ and  ‘The Customer Centric Relationship Model’ to advise and help professionals and enterprises in better formulating and managing their business concepts, talents and startups ethically and effectively.

In today’s ever-changing global environment, ethical advice is principally needed to ensure successful formulation and commercialisation of business and investment ideas.  Indeed, professional help is an essential support in the formulation of your strategy, finance and operations. However, if one can have a combination of both ethical advice and professional help, it significantly assists in developing mutual synergies and ‘trust’.

Relationship Management

In today’s fast paced environment, effective relationship management (Guangxi), is also essential in ensuring one’s ideas, talents and ventures are commercialised effectively.  Today, relationship management is fundamental, because those people you enter into relationships with provide unique insights, indepth analysis and strategies from which mutual benefits and synergies develop.

Sabrina Liu and Hagop (Jake) Boghossian's work and education profiles

Business, Legal and Work Experience

Dailu and its founders, Sabrina Liu and Hagop (Jake) Boghossian, have acute insights into, and knowledge of, Chinese, Oriental and Western business cultures, and over 45 years’ combined business and legal experience in areas not limited to commercial law, joint venture, intellectual property, international law, not for profit sector and workplace relations.

Sabrina and Jake have advised and helped a broad range of professionals  and enterprises in developing their careers and enterprises both within Australia and China. Furthermore they have unique knowledge in what ingredients are essential when formulating business and career plans and ensuring they are managed effectively and ethically  in new and emerging jurisdictions.

Tertiary Education

The Dailu founders have extensive tertiary education with  Sabrina Liu having completed dual degrees ,  Bachelors Degree in Law and a Postgraduate Degree in International Law from The South West University of Politics and Law, China.

Hagop (Jake) Boghossian has also completed three degrees, Bachelors Degree in Economic and Law (Macquarie University, Australia), Master of Business Administration, MBA (Merit Certificate Strategic Frameworks, Macquarie Graduate School of Management, MGSM, Australia).

Furthermore he has completed the Tsinghua University ‘The Financial Leaders of Tomorrow Program (Beijing,  China) which provided unique insights into the Chinese banking, investment,  legal and workplace landscapes.

Hagop (Jake) Boghossian was also the founding member of the MGSM Student Association and was the secretary for over three years and formulated many interesting activities and helped extensively with student interaction and networking.

Community and Volunteer Work

Furthermore, Sabrina and Jake have undertaken extensive community and volunteer work, over a long period, within various community and youth organisations, schools and sports bodies; and have been instrumental in advocating various humanitarian causes.

Sabrina and Jake have a very strong command of English, Armenian and  Mandarin and Dailu can also communicate very effectively in German.

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'Dailu' your  safeguard in 'Investing in Chengdu'

Indeed, when venturing far afield, professionals and enterprises need trusted advisors who can navigate business, government and personal nuances and ‘Dailu’ , is the answer you may be looking for in developing your Chengdu and Sichuan careers, starts and enterprises.

Finally, consistent with the ancient dictum, Dailu maintains: “that on your own you can run a fast race, but together we can walk a long way”.