“Honest Chengdu” was a term that resonated incredibly well with the founders of investinchengdu.com and “Dailu” in their endeavours to broaden the Chengdu Story and to describe its citizens true ethical characteristics

The term “Honest Chengdu”, pursuant to our extensive research and interviews, has never been used in English to describe the ethical characteristics of Sichuan’s capital and its citizens, who have lived in peaceful co-existence with their environment for over 2,300 years and have a unique work life balance paradigm.

Indeed, the ‘Honest Person’ has various subtle meanings across many cultures and philosophies, but within Oriental Philosophy, Dailu’s founders, maintain it is deeply connected to the principle of one listening, and better understanding, another’s attributes, challenges and unique experiences.  Consequently, through one’s behaviour and words, one is able to be recognized of true and good character: constantly seeking the goodness and betterment in others as a way to finding the best in oneself.

Respect for Law and Order

The “respect for law and order” principle is one of the fundamental foundations of any civilisation because it underpins a society wherein citizens understand their ethical duties and limits of freedom and thereby nurtures harmonious and productive relationships.

Undeniably, those civilisations who have strongly advocated this principal have enjoyed considerably greater stability, community harmony and prosperity in common and survived the many challenges that life may bring.

Therefore, in today’s “age of globalism”, where talented professionals, and enterprises are venturing ever further afield, looking to broaden their careers, develop their startups and grow their business models, “honesty” and the “respect for law and order” are two fundamental characteristics, they seek to locate before unleashing their energies and talents.

Sichuanese Society

Significantly, these two characteristics of “Honesty” and “the respect for law and order” are the very foundations of Chengdu’s culture and Sichuanese society.  Chengdu has cultivated its principle of “Honest Chengdu” over the millennia, evidenced by their peaceful co-existence with their environment, enduring prosperity, tolerant attitude, sincere and welcoming demeanor.

Chengdu, as the socio economic epicentre of Western China has these characteristics enshrined in their citizens and institutions and it will be fundamental in attracting talented professionals and enterprises to its shores.

Intellectual Property

Furthermore, Chengdu has esteemed respect for intellectual property, and the development of China’s 4th standalone Intellectual Property Court, will significantly improve safeguards and protection of the all important trade secrets and inner workings of innovative business in the 21st Century.

Certainly, we are not saying challenges and dilemmas will not occur in one’s career, startups and business transition within Chengdu, Sichuan and Western China, but considering Chengdu’s unique ethical tradition the incidence of this occurring is, in our opinion, much more limited than in any number of alternative regions of business growth and innovation.

Furthermore, with the advice and help of Chengdu “Dailu” Business and Management Services Co. Ltd and its founders, Sabrina Liu and Hagop (Jake) Boghossian, informed by the vigorous ethical standards they adhere to, and “seek in others”, your Chengdu career, startup and business plans will strategically and effectively develop within the medium term supported by a framework unlike any other.

As one famous “Oriental” saying goes “on your own you can run a fast race, but together we can walk along way”.

Disclaimer: This article has been researched and written by investinchengdu.com