The Chengdu Economic Daily recently reported that on the 28th November, the inaugural ‘Sichuan Arts Festival’ would be held at the Xihua University, Chengdu and we summarise the main points.

‘The Sichuan Arts Festival is co-sponsored by the Chengdu Municipal Government, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture, the Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau, the Chengdu Media Bureau and the Xihua University. 
The theme of the festival is ‘Entrepreneur Tianfu and Cultural Chengdu’ and it is envisaged approximately 1000 representatives from government, investment bodies and universities will attend it.

The Chengdu Media Bureau representative explained the primary purpose of the festival is to develop Chengdu’s cultural platform through consolidating cultural initiatives and encouraging cultural enterprises.  

Furthermore, renowned cultural entrepreneurs will be delivering speeches regarding cultural innovation and to share their experiences.

Recently, Chengdu has been aspiring to develop its capabilities as a “first class international cultural city.” According to government statistics, Chengdu’s cultural industry as at 2013 employed approximately 280,000 personnel, generated economic value of RMB 45.3 billion ($US 7 billion) and accounted for 4.97% of Chengdu’s GDP.

Furthermore, it was noted that within Chengdu there are 33 cultural industrial parks such as, the Oasis Culture Industrial Park in Qingyang District, the Redstar 35 Cultural and the Creative Industry Park.

The Chengdu Media Bureau pursuant to completing their ‘Cultural Innovation Industrial Development Plan (2009-2012)’, determined various areas to encourage innovation and investment, including; film and television, cultural and museum tourism, entertainment, literature and art and animation. supports Chengdu’s initiative in promoting their cultural industries and how this will play a fundamental role in developing China’s ‘One Belt and One Road’ initiatives.

Culture is a common language between countries along the ‘One Belt and One Road’ regions and will be one of the primary icebreakers in developing interaction between citizens who reside along these regions.  

Art, dance, music, and poetry epitomize one’s culture and over Chengdu’s 2,300 year history it has encapsulated the aspirations and challenges of its people.

The Sichuan Opera is world renowned, but overtime Chengdu will see many cultures exhibiting their traits from the Caucuses, the Middle East and Central Asia and will slowly make the historical connections and similarities between each other’s culture.

Culture can break down human barriers and greatly help in fostering socio-economic relations along the ‘One Belt One Road’ regions.  

Information source: The Chengdu Economic Daily, 17/11/2015 – Sichuan Opera

Disclaimer: The above article has been summarized from The Chengdu Economic Daily and added commentary provided.