The Chengdu Economic Daily recently provided further insights into the development of the Sino France Ecology Park, which was initiated through a MOU in March 2013 by the Chinese and French Ministries of Commerce, and we summarise the main points with added commentary.

“The Sino France Ecology Park’s primary objective has been to encourage partnerships between Sino and French enterprises within the automotive, advanced manufacturing, environmental and new energy industries.”

Mr. Li Hua the Deputy Director of the Chengdu Economic and Development Zone stated, “France which is famous for energy efficiency and environmental breakthroughs will significantly assist Chengdu in further developing its eco-friendly and low carbon emissions strategies. We have a long term view of 5 to 10 years to effectively capitalize on our shared ecological and technological capabilities.”  

The Park covers an area of 22.3 square kilometers is located in Eastern Chengdu, in the northern section of the Chengdu Economic Development Zone.

The construction and development of the Ecology Park within the last one year has been very encouraging with the Dongfeng Citroen Peugeot JV investing RMB 12.3 Billion (USD$1.98 Billion) into their “advanced automotive manufacturing plant”. Furthermore thirty plus supporting projects have spawned around the JV and Park and leveraged into each other’s manufacturing and technological strengths.  

The Ecology Park in the future will also focus on the prestige automotive supply chain, housing sales and exhibition centres.   

Mr. Hanxu, a leading official of the Park also stated, “we have also established cooperation with German enterprises, such as Bosch, Bayer, German Fraunhofer Institute and Schneider to develop innovative science projects and encourage international co-operation. Finally, we want to learn and leverage into “the German Industry 4.0 industry and management practices”, article end. appreciates the significance the Sino France Ecology Park will play in further broadening and deepening Sino French business and investment relations.

The French who are very well known as astute investors, creative innovators and have ground breaking technologies in aviation, environmental, new energy to name a few. They can provide the impetus, like the Germans enterprises, to encourage the transformation to the innovation and green sustainable economy.

The Park’s paramount objectives are in the area of ecological and environmental endeavors, which will be an appropriate breeding ground for French knowledgeable and talented professionals, startups and growing and innovative enterprises to further their China horizons in the growing western frontiers.

Indeed Chengdu, Sichuan, and Western China with populations over 14 million, 85 million and 400 million respectively provide unique business and investment opportunities in the areas of ecological services, new materials and new energy.

With direct flights from Paris, Chengdu is a hope, skip and a jump away. Chengdu and Sichuan are growing sustainably and those knowledgeable and talented professionals who make the time to travel across for a ‘sticky beak’, develop their capabilities, will gain first mover advantage and   will overtime reap significant rewards.    

Information Source – Chengdu Economic Daily, 17th November 2015 (French Chamber of Commerce in China).

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