The Chengdu Economic Daily recently reported, that the 20th of November marks the first anniversary of the establishment of the “Sino German Small and Medium Enterprises Cooperation Park” in Pujiang County, Chengdu and we summarise the main points with added commentary.  

“This is the second park encouraging co-operation between Chinese and German enterprises within China, the first being in Taicang, Jiangsu Province.

The primary objective of the park is to leverage and learn German management practices and introduce their advanced technologies to develop biotechnology and precision machinery industries. 

The park also has various subdivisions, with an industry and manufacturing zone, business precincts and accommodation/leisure areas and with a total area of 15.43 square kilometres.

When German representatives visited the park, they agreed it provided the appropriate infrastructure and high tech services similar to an advanced German industrial center.

District A of the park, houses more than 20 bio-technology and precision machinery businesses, whilst District B the German multinational Bosch, a Fortune 500 company.  

Bosch after undertaking extensive analysis and research determined the Pujiang Park was an ideal location to develop its three major projects in manufacturing packaging machinery, electrical power tools and a research and development hub.  

                                                                      Vocational Education

A further interesting phenomenon has also occurred in the area of vocational education and training. The Sichuan Liren Dual System Vocational School has also been built within the Park and it provides students structured courses in German and Chinese advanced manufacturing methodologies and processes.

The Chief Officer of the German Medium and Small Enterprises Association stated, “the dual vocational education system has enabled the Pujiang school to educate their students to German standards and thus, making it attractive to German investment.”

A local school headmaster, Chen ShuangJiang, agrees “that his students need to upgrade their skills to international standards. Accordingly, with the establishment of the vocational school, courses are being designed to meet future business needs and qualifications.”

The Park’s management foresees that by 2020, there will be more than 100 German small and medium enterprises operating within its precinct and generating RMB 10 billion in economic value”, end article. had the pleasure of visiting and experiencing at first hand the Sino German Co-operation Park and what benefits it offers businesses. Its founders have totally re-developed the precinct, re-built its infrastructure based on stringent environmental standards and attracted advanced and ecologically friendly manufacturers.

Furthermore, its senior management displayed a very proactive business attitude and outlined favorable planning policies. We also visited the Sealy mattress and Bosch hand tool manufacturing assembly plants and witnessed their employees working diligently.

Indeed the Park will be fundamental in attracting German small and medium enterprises by providing the required infrastructure, labor pool and nearby Chengdu city (14 million, population) and Sichuan (85 million, population) client bases.

Indeed the Park will be fundamental in attracting German small and medium enterprises by providing the required infrastructure, labor pool and nearby Chengdu city (14 million, population) and Sichuan (85 million, population) client bases.

There is something about German enterprises and innovation; it’s their planning, stringent management standards and/ or technological prowess, but whatever is the formula for their success, Chengdu and Sichuan enterprises can benefit immensely with ongoing and extensive cross collaboration and learning.

Finally, Sino German Small and Medium Enterprises Co-operation Park is also a tremendous achievement for its founders and the Pujiang County leaders who had the foresight to understand that through ‘meaningful co-operation’ can enterprises innovate and flourish.  

 *** Pujiang County, Chengdu is located in the junction of Chengdu, Meishan and Ya’an, and is adjacent to the Tianfu New Area. The county has a population of 250,000 citizens covering an area of 583 square kms. The forest coverage rate is 50.8%, air quality is better than national standards and is famous for being the “Green Pujiang and Ecology City.” Pujiang has core capabilities in agriculture, medicine and advanced manufacturing***.

Information source: Chengdu Economic Daily 2015/11/12


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