The Chengdu Economic Daily recently reported that the first ‘Import Exhibition of Western China’ is being held on the 23rd October in Chengdu, Sichuan Province and 70% of the participants are from countries and regions along ‘The One Belt and One Road’ and we summarise the main points as follows.

“The primary purpose of the exhibition is to highlight the advanced technologies, the broad range of commodities and the investment climate within Sichuan, countries along One Belt One Road and the Chengdu Europe Fast Railway.

The ‘import exhibition’ will also encourage investment and trade between Sichuan and Central and Eastern Europe enterprises. Furthermore it will showcase the Chengdu Europe Fast Railway, highlighting its delivery schedule, displaying photos of the railway and how significant it is in the development of ‘The One Belt One Road initiative’.

The exhibition area will also exceed 80,000 square metres, with 7 exhibition halls and 3 major themes; advanced technology equipment, service trade and consumption goods.

A summary of the exhibition halls are as follows:

Exhibition 1; European and American Hall, highlighting scientific detection instruments and precision manufactured instruments;

Exhibition 2; Japanese and Korean Hall, showcasing electronic instruments and advanced manufacturing;

Exhibition 3; Regional Cooperation Hall, financial services, logistics and transportation;  

Exhibition 4; Intelligent automobiles, unmanned and remote driving technologies;

Exhibition 5; Regional Cooperation Hall, showcasing showing commodities and products from various provinces“, end article. had the pleasure of visiting the exhibition and being the ‘first import exhibition’, it was a positive stepping-stone. The exhibition themes were well received, especially its ‘One Belt One Road’ appeal. Overtime with more countries and regions being acquainted with Sichuan and its pivotal role in the North and South Silk Roads, the exhibition will further encourage trade and investment relations.        

Indeed the One Belt One Road Strategy has received considerable press globally and with recent state visits and conferences (Arab China Conference May 2016, Xian May 2016, Hong Kong OBOR Conference May 2016) it has been very well received throughout the OBOR belt regions. With the significant growth of the Chengdu Europe Fast Railway, other similar rail services from central China to Europe the newly opened China Iran railway link and the Georgian Port Black Sea advancements; the opportunities are endless for business and investment.

However, with each new strategy it takes time to flourish, and it is essential one ask themselves what role can they undertake in the OBOR development. Indeed this seems like an insurmountable task to many, but as they simple and effective solutions are the key.

Taking the first step to visit Western China and its economic powerhouse in Chengdu is a starting point. Second, visiting South Chengdu, the Hi Tech Zone, attending various conferences at the New Century Exhibition Centre is a second starting point. Third, review the local economy, see what market opportunities exist and determine how your corporation and yourself can leverage into them. And as they say the rest is in your hands, your creative and entrepreneurial skill. 

“As they say ‘one step at a time’, and Chengdu awaits you with open arms.”

Information source: The Chengdu Economic Daily 22/10/2015

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