On the 25th December 2015, the website reported that the ‘2015  Influential People on Sichuan Economy’ awards ceremony was held in Chengdu and we summarise the main points with added commentary.  

“A total of forty one entrepreneurs were awarded the ‘2015 Influential People of The Sichuan Economy’, of which twenty were based in the Chengdu Hi Tech Zone. These entrepeneurs were deemed innovative business leaders re internet and technology services and were playing an instrumental role within Sichuan’s entrepreneurial community.   

The consensus amongst the entrenepenurs at the awards ceremony was, “Competiton was less vigorous within Chendgu, there was significant governmental support and thereby we were able to bring to market our innovative ideas and business models.”

2015 also witnessed an increase of 3,020 new science and technology startups within The Chengdu Hi-tech Zone, which is a three fold increase from the previous year. Currently there are twenty six listed companies within the Hi Tech Zone which represents half of Chengdu’s listed companies. 

A senior manager within the Chengdu Hi Tech Zone also stated, “In our next development stage we will support enterprises within the aviation equipment, bioengineering, biomedical, environmental, energy conservation, next generation information networks and technology industries to name a few. These emerging industries will provide the necessary impetus to assist with the development off the “national independent innovative demonstration zone”, article ended. firstly congratulates the ‘forty one entrepeneurs’ on receiving their awards. Awards, on occasions, are essential in acknowledging an inidividual’s selfless contribution to a specific socio-economic issue. Sometimes it is the quiet achiever who do not seek instant fame, who need to be acknowledged and rewarded for their acheivements and on this occasion fostering entrepeneuriship within the Sichuan economy.

The Chengdu Hi Tech Zone has been instrumental in the socio economic development of Chengdu and the Sichuan province. Its 30,000 plus registered local entities, plus 1,000 foreign invested businesses and with the likes of global multinationals such as Microsoft, IBM, Siemens and Deutsche Bahn they have signifcantly transformed its economic and technological landscape.

The Chengdu Hi-tech Zone was originally initiated in 1988 well before ‘China’s Go West Policy’, enunciated at the cusp of the 21st century. Furthermore as at 1991, it was designated as one of China’s first state level hitech developement zones under the ‘The World's First-class Park Initiatives’ sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

The Hi Tech Zone stretches over 130 square kilometres and one is awed by the engineering prowess when walking through its many avenues and parks. One can readily observe streams of entrepeneurs and professionals collaborating on their next innovative ventures.

Indeed the awarding of the ‘2015 Influential People of The Sichuan Economy’ award to twenty two of its entrepeneurs makes common sense. However these entrepenurial efforts have taken “considerable time and knowledge development to emulate.

Chengdu Hi Tech Zone’s future looks very promsing as more and more local and foreign professionals appreciate its signifance and participate in its socio economic development and thrive in its innovative culture.       

Information source: 25/12/2015

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